10 Easy Ways to Have a Great Week

Fall is just around the corner, and with it comes colder temperatures, a change of schedules, and a whole shi*-ton of mood shifts. (Anyone else feel that Friday the 13th full, harvest moon? Just us? Okay… cool.) But we want you guys to have some boss weeks coming up in this season of transition, and we’ve found that a lot of that goodness comes from small habits that you can easily incorporate into your day. Want to know more about these nifty, little tips and tricks. Then look no further! Here we have… 10 Easy Ways to Have a Great Week 1. Set goals for the week ahead On Sunday, or sometime early in the week, we like to set some goals that we hope to achieve throughout the week. Think of things that are achievable, like “workout 5 days this week” or “call your crazy aunt that you’ve been avoiding because she wants to hear from you.” It will help you to feel accomplished and will make sure that you stay on track towards being your most productive, kickass self. 2. Plan your meals This isn’t the first time you’ve heard us suggest planning out your meals, and it definitely won’t be the last! Planning out your meals in advance eases preparation and grocery shopping time, keeps you healthier, and gives your family some direction. It will also save you a lot of time over the week because your ingredients will already be sliced, chopped, and seasoned, so you’ll make it just in time for that much-needed REBEL class that you’ve been meaning to sign up for all week. ;) 3. Schedule a weekly family night Before schedules got in the way, we were constantly planning to have family dinners, date nights with our spouses, and a whole series of other supposed “family events” that we were all excited about adding to the calendar. But then life tends to get in the way. So, rather than just making an arbitrary plan in your head for when family night might occur, actually get that time on the calendar. Make a plan, book reservations, and make.it.happen. 4. Plan out your workouts for the week We know that it can be difficult to fit working out on the calendar. But if you’ve ever stayed committed to a consistent workout routine, you know that taking an hour out of your day can dramatically change your life for the better. You’ll feel more confident, happier, and proud of your accomplishments. Plus, booking early in the week will make sure that your favorite workout classes aren’t booked up when you’re trying to fit yourself into that highly-coveted REBEL class. 5. Spend some time outside One of the perks of living in Colorado is that we have fab weather all year long. Regular fresh air and sunshine is good for the soul. It clears our minds and relaxes our internal systems within just a few minutes. So slow down with an after-dinner walk, or start your day with a centering meditation outside. We’re also big fans of taking 15 minutes outside during particularly stressful situations to help you relax. You’ll get back to the situation with a clear mind and open heart. 6. Release your emotional baggage Emotional baggage from prior days, weeks, or even years ago can weigh you down mentally, spiritually, and even physically, unless you find a way to release it all in a healthy way. Like we shared in this post, having a healthy mind and a healthy body are intrinsically linked. Whether you meditate, meet with a counselor, work out to reduce stress, or any combination of mind / body activities, release all of that emotional baggage so that you can move forward. 7. Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night Sleep allows your body to recover and regenerate, as well as allowing your body to function effectively. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re throwing your hormones out of whack, making your body show greater signs of aging, and you’re making it more difficult for your mind to process information effectively. If you struggle to fall asleep efficiently and effectively, try out our quick trick to fall asleep. Researchers found that this 5-minute tick helps people to fall asleep faster, so try it out and see if it works for you! 8. Give yourself a digital detox In this day and age, we rely on phones for almost every aspect of our lives, from waking up to giving us directions, to suggesting what food we should eat. While technology can be a very, very good thing, it also tends to increase our stress levels, impacts our sleep patterns, removes our connection with the physical world, and can give us a whole host of other issues. With that in mind, we suggest giving yourself a digital detox whenever possible. Turn off those push notifications, engage in new activities, and pull yourself away from social media. Your whole system will thank you. 9. Give back to your community As human beings, we have an innate desire to give back to the world around us. The need for emotional connection with others is ingrained in us, and it only makes sense that the more we give - whether through supporting a friend or loved one, or contributing to a worthwhile cause - the more we get in return. When you designate some time specifically towards bettering the lives of the people around you, you will start to realize the power and importance of giving back almost immediately. So find something you’re passionate about (this is our favorite cause) and determine how to best give back at this time in your life! 10. Indulge in inspiration Sometimes inspiration will come at you fast and without much effort, but other times you may need a little extra “spark” to get that creativity rolling. One way that we love to stay in the moment and inspired for the road ahead is to have a whole series of inspirational content ready to roll for when we need it most. Quotes we love, TED Talks that make us want to take it to the next level, and people that inspire us to be our best selves surround us daily. Consider what inspires you the most and then do everything you can to make that a part of your daily life!