Meditate Your Way to Happiness

By now, y’all probably know that meditation isn’t a fad. It’s been around for more years than we can count, and it’s been practiced all over the world. But, did you know that it’s been scientifically proven to, among other things, make you HAPPY?! Yeah, that’s legit. We’ll hit on the happy note in a minute, but let’s quickly talk about what else meditation is capable of doing for your body. 5 Scientifically Proven Results of Meditation Less stress Studies have shown that when you mediate, you’re about to override the part of your brain responsible for releasing cortisol - the stress hormone. One study suggests that meditation can cut back on anxiety by almost FORTY PERCENT! Boosts memory For all you students out there - meditation can help you retain all of that information that you’re fed on a daily basis! Not only does meditation improve memory, but it’s been shown to help cut back on distracting thoughts. Improved sleep habits At the end of the day, it’s hard to shut off your brain and dip into a deep sleep. Studies have shown that meditation “check-ins” throughout the day can help keep your mind on track, and help to reduce stress, therefore, leading to a better, more restful slumber. Fun fact - meditation can also be used to treat insomnia! Decreased sensitivity to pain Yes, it sounds crazy, BUT, scientists suggest that meditation may thicken your brain - specifically the part that regulates pain - decreasing your sensitivity to pain. Improved muscle recovery Have you ever been to a REBEL class? We make you work hard. Studies have shown that meditating after a tough workout will ease your muscle soreness because it allows you to rest both your mind and body very deeply. On that same note, meditating before a workout allows you to release all the stress that you are carrying, and it helps you to focus on the task at hand - SWEATING. So you see those 5 topics ^ above ^? All of those lead to HAPPINESS. Less stress = happiness. Better memory = happiness. Quality sleep = happiness. Less pain = happiness. A focused workout with less recovery time = HAPPINESS. There are so many ways to meditate - you don’t have to stick to the traditional sit-in-a-quiet-place-and-close-your-eyes-and-hope-for-the-best pose. Regardless of your surroundings, take a minute, take a few deep breathes, and just let everything go. Taking those few moments to yourself will allow you to focus on what you want, release what you don’t need, and refresh your mind and body to move forward with your day. AND IT’LL MAKE YOU HAPPY!